Discover how you can save and earn with Vegan Antics!

At Vegan Antics we believe that it’s very important to offer incentives to our customers, to not only provide a great customer experience but to reward you for your loyalty.

vegan-antics-rewards-icon  Rewards vegan antics rewards icon
Rewards Points

When you make a purchase with us you will automatically be rewarded with points. Points are worth £0.01 in every £1.00 that you spend (i.e spend £30 and you’ll be awarded 30 points worth £0.30). You can collect as many points as you wish and your points will be displayed in your My Account page. Points are able to be redeemed after your first purchase with us and will be displayed at checkout.

vegan-antics-subscribe  Rewards vegan antics subscribeSubscribe

You will be prompted to subscribe to us when you scroll to the bottom of any of our pages and when you are about to leave our website. When you subscribe you will join our mailing list where you have the chance of receiving discount codes.

vegan-antics-social-share  Rewards vegan antics social share
Social Share

When you are on one of our product pages you will see the option to share the page with your social media stream, just by doing this you will be rewarded with a 5% discount voucher that will be automatically added once you checkout.

vegan-antics-blog-icon  Rewards vegan antics blog icon

Do you love to Blog? Then this may just be your perfect day! We will reward anyone who writes an amazing 500+ word blog post about us and includes a link to our website, with a £5 voucher. Once you have published your article, Contact Us with the details of your post and we will send you your voucher. Don’t forget to share your blog post on social media with #veganantics !

vegan-antics-youtube-icon  Rewards vegan antics youtube icon

Do you own a YouTube channel? Want to earn an amazing reward? We will reward anyone who films an amazing 3+ minute review about Vegan Antics. If you are reviewing us without our products in your video (like eating one of our delicious cupcakes) then you will be rewarded with a £5 voucher.

If you include a show of our products in your video then we will reward you with a £10 voucher! Once you have published your video, Contact Us with the details of your video then we will send you your voucher. Don’t forget to voice our website “” in your video & then share your video on social media with #veganantics !

vegan-antics-shop-icon  Rewards vegan antics shop icon

Don’t forget you can also save money when you collect your purchases at our shop in Gravesend, Kent. When you are checking out just select “Collection at shop” and the collection discount will be automatically added.

vegan-antics-5-star-review  Rewards vegan antics 5 star review

We will reward any customer who writes a fabulous product review on our website with a 5% discount off their next order. Reviews can be written at the bottom of any product page in the “Reviews” tab, once you have written your review you will receive an email containing your discount code.



Please note that vouchers can only be redeemed once when awarded and that vouchers cannot be used on full sized cake orders. By subscribing to us to you grant us permission to send you our amazing newsletter that includes new products and even more chances to save!