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It is important to realise that by eating our vegan cakes, cupcakes & treats that not only is it the experience of sweet sensations but that actually, you are also a part of supporting a world without animal cruelty.

Every single product that you buy from us has been hand made with love and care, with the intention of giving you a pleasurable experience in every bite, we ensure that our quality remains the same throughout all of our orders.

Thank you for supporting us and the future of the planet.


We are a 100% Vegan owned company, meaning there are no traces of animal products in our baking, such as dairy and eggs or ingredients from animal origin, our ethics are baked in to every product we make and we will never be less than 100% Vegan.

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There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction, we strive to ensure you are not disappointed in any part of your experience with us which is why we will do our utmost to ensure it’s smiles all around 🙂

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for you, from small details to complete bespoke orders, we want you to feel special! So let us know if you have any special requirements in the order notes section at checkout or get in touch first.

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