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We are partnered with more:trees to offer our customers the oppourtunity to grow trees at the click of a button, more:trees does all the hard work for you, all it takes is £1 to plant a tree and you can plant as many as you wish, all when you are at the checkout.

Some of the benefits of planting trees:


  • Absorbs carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provides farms with work to support their local economies
  • Gives people an income and a skill to feed their families
  • Protects animals from deforestation
  • Increases rainfall, purifies water and improves crop yield


How are we doing?

We want to show you the impact you are having on the world as our customers, not only by choosing Vegan products are you reducing your impact on the environment but when you plant a tree with every purchase you give back the planet a whole lot of love.

You can check in real-time how many trees our customers have planted by taking a look at our more:trees forest! A virtual representation of how many trees we have planted and the CO2 sequestered, just click the button below to visit our forest!

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