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Welcome to Vegan Antics

We are a Vegan Bakery, established in 2015 in a small kitchen in Kent when Vegan treats were hard to come by, and so it was our founders passion to give the world a taste of our Vegan baked goods!

It did not take long for the word to get around about our delicacies as we ship all over the UK, it was a dream coming true! Our loyal customers stuck by us and watched us grow so quickly that we finally had the means to open our first actual Bakery in April of 2017.

So here we are, ready to sell you some of our best and tastiest Vegan treats direct from our Bakery in Gravesend, Kent. You can see what we offer in our online shop or come and visit us for some irrisistable goodies. We also do lunch!

Always High Quality

At our Vegan bakery we only offer high quality products, available to order across the UK for delivery or collection. We have a forever expanding product range including Cakes, Cupcakes, Rocky Road, Flapjacks, Biscuits & Cookies, Pastries, Desserts & various exciting sweet treats just on the horizon.

Just because our products are Vegan does not mean that we have compromised on taste, in fact, many of our customers have preferred our products over conventional baked goods, see what our customers are saying on social media! Our products are deliciously flavoursome and always excellent in texture and taste.

We cater for those suffering from intolerances and allergies, these can include nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, lactose and egg just to name a few, please contact us prior to ordering to see if we can cater for your request.

Ethical & Eco Friendly

Making An Ethical Choice

Vegan products are naturally Dairy & Egg free, meaning there are no animal ingredients used in our products.

By supporting Vegan businesses you are helping in the reduction of animal cruelty around the world. Every time you purchase something from a Vegan business you are voting, making an ethical choice to be a part of a planet that is clean, healthy and sustainable. Your future really is, in your hands.

Our Eco-Friendly Promise

We are committed to only using bio-degradable, and where not currently possible, recyclable packaging, we are all aware of the damage that plastic products are causing the planet and we do not want to be a part of that.

Please dispose of our packaging in the correct manner, if you would like some more information about how to do so please get in touch.

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