5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating


Vegan Antics Awarded 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating



You can be rest assured to know that your purchase from us here at Vegan Antics has been approved by the local Gravesham council to a five star hygiene quality rating. If you wish to view further information regarding our certification please click here.

It is important to us that all of our products meet local, national and international legislation. Providing Vegan products and products that are allergen free is serious business. We ensure that the correct methods are carried out when disinfecting our surfaces and tools for each and every batch of product made for our customers.

We are a Vegan only bakery meaning that there is no possibility of cross contamination between Vegan products and animal origin products and we process all allergen free products in separate batches to further avoid cross contamination.

If you would like to discover all of the wonderful products that we have on sale then you can visit our SHOP by clicking here. We cater for everybody including Vegans and those who have specific food allergies including those intolerant to nuts, gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs and any allergen that we have not listed we can cater for.

There are many Allergen-Free products in the food marketplace that for instance compromise flavour just because they lack the usual ingredients, none of our products are compromised on flavour, colour, texture or taste. We do not settle for second best and neither should you.

Our 5 star food hygiene rating means a lot to us and we intend to maintain this level of hygiene throughout our journey in business.

Did you know that we are also on Facebook? You can keep up to date with out latest releases and see what our customers are saying in the reviews. Click Here to be taken to our Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding your own allergen requirements you can also Contact Us to find out how we can cater for you too.

Ingredient Manufacturing

Please note that some of the products we use may have been manufactured in a factory where they also manufacture other products containing allergens however we will always list this on our product pages. Please enquire if you have any concerns via our Contact Us page by Clicking Here .


Factories that manufacture food grade products have to follow a minimum of GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice and are regulated by BSi (British Standards Institution) and or FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration)  these authorises frequently audit the manufacturers to ensure they are meeting the set guidelines when manufacturing any food product and if they fail to comply with the regulations set out, the company can be forced to recall their products and potentially their business can be shut down immediately.

With knowing this you can feel comforted that the utmost is done to avoid cross contamination with allergen free products and products containing allergens.

What Is An Allergen?

An allergen can be simplified as an antigen that your body creates an immune response to and then tries to fight off the antigen, continuous exposure to these allergens can decrease your immunity and lower your overall health. There are many reasons to factor in when talking about allergens. Allergens can come in the form of household products such as cleaning agents, to dust and in our particular industry, Food.

What can you do?

There is good news, with a growing exposure to allergens scientists have now developed a way to test if you are allergic to an array of substances, please see your local GP for Allergy Testing or do a Google search. It is better to be tested to further gain full control of your health.

We are proud to offer those suffering with an intolerance to allergens an opportunity to enjoy the sweet things in life.

Thank you for reading our article.

Vegan Antics.

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